Friday, December 2, 2011

From Our House to Yours (For Christmas Cards)

This is our Christmas board for this year.  It will be used throughout Dec. for church family to post Christmas cards (rather than giving one to ea. family in the church).  All materials used (except the red letters) were purchased at WalMart.  Simple, easy, and so colorful, I love it! : )  And, a very Merry Christmas to all the BBB readers!!! 

Praise God From Whom All Blessings Flow

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  Here we go marching into Christmas...sorry I haven't posted in awhile.  Anyone else out there have something to post?  It would be welcome!!!  Here is a Thanksgiving board created by Elizabeth K.  She used old stuff we've had on hand from past years and it worked out well...the flag was ordered from Christian Book Distributors. 

Fall Attendance Chart

Just finished up this quarter attendance charts and put up winter...unbelievable.  This one is for my memory sake. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

A Christian Home

Well, I hate to say it, but this is the last board for the summer.  Our S.S. classes have all switched to fall and this big board will soon too! : (  I would be happy to stay summer longer, but we must move on!  Elizabeth K. used the overhead again to copy some clip art she found online, then colored in the design and posted to the board.  We had a "family Sunday" this week at church, so the board was to go along with that.  She used the song "A Christian Home" as the theme.  Thanks for another board, Elizabeth K.!

Safari VBS

Here is our VBS board for this year (I'm a little late in posting since this was the first week of August!).  Designed and created by Elizabeth K.  She did a great job painting free hand.  I think she used the overhead projector to blow up some items on the curriculum we used.  Then painted and, of course, did a great job as always, on the finished product! 

Thursday, July 14, 2011

But Thanks Be to God Which Giveth Us the Victory

This board was designed by one of our Sunday School teachers.  She does a great job at designing her bulletin boards to match her kid's attendance charts which spelled out "HERO" as the focus is Bible heroes this quarter.  She also was able to make it patriotic for the summer!  She had Elizabeth K. use her cricut for the lettering.   

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Let Freedeom Ring

Well, here is the board "makeover" I mentioned from graduation to patriotic. Nothing fancy, but it works! I used the overhead projector to blow up a picture of the liberty bell and cut it out of red bulletin board paper. Then, I hand drew in some details (obviously I'm not an artist!!). Flipped the stars over that had the kids names on them and added red lettering. Quick and easy to last through July!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Homeschoolers Program

This board is a little different as far as a church goes, but I decided to throw it in anyway.  We have our 1st annual homeschool program this week so I decided to do a bulletin board to encourage the church family to attend.  I went with a patriotic theme so I could quickly change it over after the program to keep through July.  I'll do another post soon to show the "makeover". : )  My rolls of wrapping paper from WalMart got squished, I guess, so there are "bumps" in the background...not cool.  The stars I got at Joann's on the clearance rack.  The patriotic paper is from WalMart as well. 

Anyone else out there have a board to post?!  I miss hearing from everyone!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Mother's Day Unfeigned Faith

I don't know about everyone else, but I'm ready to see a new board on here!  Elizabeth K. and I worked on this board last week.  I had this table runner quilt piece and thought it would make a nice decoration on a mother's day bulletin board.  We kind of went from there.  Elizabeth K. finally got her long awaited Cricut so she made all the letters and flowers.  The flowers are super cute as she double layered them and pulled out the petals a bit so they have a 3D effect.  The paper quilt pieces are simply scrapbooking pages layered together.  This board won't be able to stay up long, so I should be posting again soon!  I can't believe summer boards are just around the corner!  : ) 

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Hello friends, my name is Andrea, and I recently discovered this website and was invited to contribute! I hope I may help in some way.

I would like to share just a bit about myself! I attend Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Pennsylvania. I have been married almost two years to my wonderful husband and best friend, and we enjoy serving the Lord together at our church. (If you are interested, you can see our website here.)We have the privilege to work in the following ministries: Master Clubs Program (Wednesday nights -for kids), a small but growing bus route, working in the church office, doing bulletin boards, and whatever else needs done! What an honor to serve our God!

Well, my in-laws so graciously gave me a Cricut Expression for Christmas this year! So I got real excited about being able to cut out letters (as you can see!)...and I think I went a little overboard!

This board is composed of letters and snowflakes cut out on my Cricut, bulletin board paper background (our church supplies this in a variety of colors), and solid, colored border. Some of the snowflakes were cut out of patterned scrapbook paper (which can create a special effect sometimes), but it is difficult to make that out in the picture! Also, here's a tidbit: I cut out part of the letters with one kind of card stock, but then I ran out. I proceeded to purchase more white cardstock, but when I began cutting out more letters, I discovered the color was slightly different than the other white! Oh no! Whatever will I do? Well, I went ahead and cut out the rest of the letters, and then when I put the letters up, I just tried to mix and match the two "whites" as much as possible. In the final product, I think it would be difficult to notice unless you were right up next to the letters. Even then, you might need to be told what had happened to really notice it. So, don't despair when little things go may be relatively easy to work out after all!

And I cannot write this without saying that I did indeed go a little "crazy" with this idea of being able to cut out the letters! They took a while to cut even with the Cricut, and perhaps even longer to put up on the board. I did not staple them, but used a "tape" applicator --kind of like using white-out tape. They were little sticky pieces that you just apply with pressure. (I hope I am explaining myself!) Sometimes tape looks better than a host of staples, but one-sided tape would take a very long time to roll up! So double-sided tape or some kind of "tape" applicator (like I used) makes it much easier. I would advise to try to find a shorter verse, though, unless you really feel God might want you to use the longer one!

Here is another little board (maybe about 2' x 3') in the same room that I try to match up with the bigger one. This time, it was relatively easy...just add more snowflakes, and keep a paper background and solid colored border!